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Working together.

We all love our city. There is so much we can all agree on that will make our community stronger, kinder, and more resilient as we move through the challenges that the last few years have presented. I look forward to hearing from you about your hopes for our community.

Housing access

Housing is one of the biggest issues facing our city. We must aim to have more of our neighbors living near their work so we can have a more robust community and healthier environment.  By focusing on solutions such as income-specific homes and workforce preference housing, we can work to ensure that all members of our community have a place to call home. This will help businesses retain workers, and help build community by giving our neighbors the support they need to live and work in SLO. 


Transportation connectivity

Improving our transportation infrastructure through more responsive bus routes and safer bike infrastructure are two of the most important ways we can address climate goals and make safe routes to work and community more accessible to more people.  We need to address traffic and parking concerns to make sure SLO residents still enjoy spending time in our downtown and patronizing local businesses. 

Riding a Bike

Quality jobs and economic vitality

I will continue to focus on fiscal responsibility at the city level as well as the recruitment of well-paying jobs that can support families in SLO. Additionally, we will support small business owners and innnovators.  Addressing the issues of childcare, parking, and housing will help support our next generation of business leaders and workers. 


Affordable childcare

One of the biggest barriers to gender equality in the workforce is accessible, affordable childcare. My own experience having a child in SLO was that the lack of childcare kept me out of the workforce for more than a year, leading to economic challenges for my family. We must expand access to childcare by encouraging onsite childcare options, subsidizing childcare business and raising childcare provider wages to attract and retain qualified caregivers. Childcare is central to addressing our city goals of diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

Art Class


Our city has some of the most ambitious climate goals in the country. Our target of carbon neutrality by 2035, means we need to continue to attract clean technology companies, and focus on reducing our city's environmental impact. I plan to work with the next council to ensure we meet those goals and develop innovative solutions moving forward. 

Priorities include expanding our open space portfolio, and adapting to changing climate conditions including longer drought periods.


Resources for the unhoused

Our most vulnerable neighbors need our support through innovations in transitional housing and an expansion of social services.  The shortage of affordable housing in our community compounds the numerous factors that lead to someone becoming unhoused.  We must look to successful models deployed in other cities and find realistic solutions. 

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