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I am grateful for the support of the following organizations and community members:


Amy Hewes

I am grateful that a individual of Emily's caliber is choosing to serve our community. It's inspiring and exciting to see her step into public service.  

Laura Slaughter, RN, MSN

Emily is intelligent and engaged. She has an uncommon depth of knowledge of history and politics and a passion for SLO City that she melds to guide her actions as a community servant.

Dr. Jayanta Hegde

“Emily Francis exudes qualities of integrity, thoughtfulness, and compassion in her approach to many aspects of life. It’s a relief to know that she’s invested in local governance and seeks to be on the City Council.“

Michael Hopkins

I met Emily during our service on the Planning Commission and was instantly impressed with her thoughtful approach to the complex world of development policy and review. San Luis Obispo will be a better place with Emily continuing her advocacy for affordable housing and carbon reduction from the City Council.

Clinton Slaughter, MD, MPH

Emily Francis has a rare combination of sensibility, compassion, intelligence, character, and drive, backed with a deep knowledge and understanding of our political history. I wholeheartedly support Emily for SLO City Council.

Dr. Candace Winstead

Emily Francis is not just a great listener- she has demonstrated her dedication to finding creative and collaborative solutions to issues important to the citizens of San Luis Obispo

David and Suzanne Lord

We are impressed with Emily's broad-ranging knowledge of issues affecting the future of the city of San Luis Obispo. Emily has served on the Planning Commission and has explored the history, the facts, the circumstances and policies needed to deal with transportation, roads, water, housing and quality of life in our city. She understands the detailed budgetary effects of council decisions and will be an important voice in future deliberations and decisions.

Dona Hare Price

I have been involved in political organizing for over 40 years and  Emily is the first candidate that I have met that has a capacity for deep listening and the unique ability to make every person she encounters feel heard, valued and honored. She has the ability to mobilize and energize folks and I can’t wait to see the positive impacts we will feel when Emily is our City Councilor.

Stacy Hurt

Yay!!! I’m so excited for you and the future of our SLO!

Timothy Donnelly

I was fortunate enough to have Emily as a teaching partner. Emily is a curious, kind, extremely hard working, and creative person.  I was inspired by her dedication to the craft and desire to provide the skills necessary for her students to succeed.  I watched Emily work with students and adults of all abilities and political persuasions, successfully finding compromise and helping others gain confidence in themselves.  Emily's experience in education has provided her an opportunity to deeply understand the many different life experiences of the people that make up her community. I am proud to see Emily Francis in a position to serve all of the citizens of SLO.

Dr. Alison Aylward
Erica Flores Baltodano, Esq.
Kristen Barneich, Arroyo Grande City Council
John Barbieri

Jill Baxter
Kim Bisheff
David Blakely
Michael Boswell

Mark Buchman
Rebekah Bujol
Quinn Brady
Tina Cheuk
Frances Davidson
Dr. Jean Davidson
Bria DiCicco
Tim Donnelly
Ryan Donald
Jesse Englert
Kari Faulkner
Erin Foote
Michael Foote
Dr. Clinton Francis
Tom Fulks
Susan Funk, Atascadero City Council
Elaine Genasci
Dr. Gregory Francisco Gillett
Rich Graziano
Kristin Hardy
Gary Havas
Dr. Jayanta Hegde
Michael Hopkins
Amy Hughes
Stacy Hurt
Elena Johnston
Dr. Scott Johnston
Trent Johnson, MPH
Jeff Lee, Grover Beach Mayor

Dr Sean Lema
David Lord
Suzanne Lord
Dena Malloy
Heather Matteson
Robyn Matteson, RN
Valerie Mobley - Barboza

Jennifer Moonjian
Christine Mulholland
Dr. Carla Nerelli, DACM, L.Ac SLO Family Acupuncture

Brittany Orkney, RN
Chenin Otto
Garrett Otto
Karen Petersen

Barry Price
Dona Hare Price
Janine Rands
Dr. Benjamin Ruttenberg, Director Cal Poly Center for Coastal Marine Sciences

Nancy Sena
Mariam Shah

Monica Schechter
Robert Shanbrom

Dr. Clinton Slaughter
Laura Slaughter, RN, MSN
Ethan Stan

Dara Stutzman
Rebekah Swigger
Dr. Lars Tomanek
John Thomas
Joyce Tseng
Eric Veium
Chip Visci

Dr. Jeremy Wagnitz
Kaylene Wakeman
Morgan White
Dr. Candace Winstead
Amy West
Robin Wolf
Allison Woods
Matthew Woods
Wendy White
Ron Yukelson
Emily Starkie Zbin
Robbie Zbin

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